About Jonubian.com

Many years ago, looking for a break from the research and writing associated with creating my master's thesis, I began blogging at jonubian.com.  Really, I had more questions than answers when I created the blog, so jonubian.com was simply a way for me to reckon with my thoughts and feelings concerning what I saw in the news and what I saw in popular culture through the very specific lens of Black womanhood.  Lots of rants on gender and race, happened and on jonubian.com, but there were also many personal essays that focused on how one goes about discovering self and loving the self that is discovered presented there.

jonubian.com gained a following (for which I am forever grateful!); I gained a brand new set of friend and chosen family and eventually began publishing essays and reported pieces for various media outlets.  For several years, I published a love and relationships column for Ebony Digital.  I also wrote many essays that focused womanism/feminism, parenting, and the many kinds of violence people like me face within the walls of the United States- Black folk, women- for both Ebony Digital and its print magazine.

Writing for Ebony eventually opened doors for my words to be cited by The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Guardian News Sites.  My thoughts and social commentary have also been featured on CBS News, Fusion TV NewsOne TV, and BBC Radio.  And I have written, additionally, for New York Daily News, Refinery 29, The Root, and Mic News.

I believe that more is to come-- that I have more stories to tell.  And hopefully the new jonubian.com will be the place where you can find archives of my past published work, links to my new musings, and a window in the many creative projects that I am constantly conjuring.

Thanks for logging on, and please tay tuned.

- Jo

Josie Pickens aka JoNubian or simply Jo

Josie Pickens aka JoNubian or simply Jo